Table Top Gaming

We've got 2 tables dedicated to table top miniature games, complete with movable scenery.  We most often play Warhammer and War Machine.  We can teach you to play too!  You can come to learn or to battle.  We also offer a miniature painting class to help get your models into tip top shape!  Classes will be put on the calendar when they are available.

Gaming Yurt

Come play in style!  Our yurt features a great ambiance for you and your friends to have a great gaming experience.  This space can be reserved for things like private D&D sessions, board gaming, craft time, or just hang out time.  Email us at for info on reserving a time and for pricing.

Other Games

Along with our table top and role playing games, we also have board games, card games, and puzzles.  Come in to use a game from our growing collection, or bring your own to play.  Also feel free to take a look at our Epic Reading Library, a collection of awesome books we've picked up along the way.  Small snacks and drinks are for sale for $1 each.