How To Find Us!

Our new spot is a little tricky, so let us help you out!

The new address is 14G King Street, Mt. Holly NJ 08060 - where Bill's Bargains is located.  Our section is around the back of the building.

Our entrance is a gravel driveway off of Washington Street, right after the wooden fences but before the houses - look for the Bus Stop and turn right onto that driveway.

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You know you're facing the right way when you see the Red Door at the end of the driveway. This is not our door, there is a second red door around the back of the building through the gates (which will be open!) and that is our entrance!

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Please park facing the chain link fence

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After classes, you'll be able to leave down the street to the right. Please watch for pedestrians and cars as this is a neighborhood back road, and some of the streets are one way.

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